The aim of Usquare is to ease the process of taxation and it also helps customer in dealing with indirect taxation in India. Usquare not only simplifies taxation but also organizes the way the taxation is performed in any organization.

USquare is recognized taxation software which streamlines the entire taxation process and reduces the complexity associated with it. Which means you could have a better control over the entire taxation process and reduce the cost associated with the process. Indirectly USquare enhances your visibility and increases productivity of your employees. It also generates all the statutory reports with respect to taxation process required by you.

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USqare's Features

  • Taxation: USquare handles all the Indian Indirect taxes
  • Financial Accounting : Maintains your accounting information, generates the financial statements, bank statement reconciliation
  • Inventory Management: Calculates the value of the inventory, track the stock and does work order maintenance
  • Order Processing :Track and manage your order
  • Sales and Purchase Management: Create invoice, sales quotation and bill of materials
  • Reports: Drill down, Crystal reporting which aid you in decision making activities.
  • Security features to protect your data from unauthorized access.

USqare's Benefits

  • Single solution to cover all your taxation needs with simple to setup and easy to use system
  • Centrally manage taxation for multiple plants and warehouses in different states for processing and filing
  • Eliminate or minimize the need to train and retrain your taxation staff with automatic updates of changes in Indian tax code, forms and process rules
  • Enhance your control over the tax process and thus maintain the cost involved with the operation
  • Flexible solution to cater to all type of industries and is customizable to meet your specific needs
  • Manage your business operation with add on modules like order management and Inventory management.
  • Continuous enhancement of product features and unmatched professional support services from Udyog
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Visual Udyog

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Visual Udyog is used to handle all types of Indirect taxes like Excise Manufacturing, Excise Trading, Service TAX, VAT, TDS, GTA, Work Contract Tax. It also includes core business modules like financial accounting, inventory and order processing, business intelligence which would assist you in streamlining the entire process within the organization.

Visual Udyog is developed in such a way that it not only facilitates the day-to-day activities management but also helps you in making strategic decisions. With the MIS reports and Business Intelligence reports with features like zoom-in and drill down functionalities, Visual Udyog could assist you in the decision making process.

Visual Udyog's Features

  • Individual taxation modules which can work independently or can be combined together for better usability
  • Supports different taxation modules like central excise, service tax, VAT, TDS, GTA.
  • Configurable as per your business needs. No code changes required.
  • Generate all the statutory reports required by the officials.
  • Financial Accounting module to maintain financial transactions and to generate financial reports.
  • MIS Reports to make business decisions
  • Data Security is ensured through a Security module and user authentication

Visual Udyog's Benefits

  • 7 times faster than manual preparation.
  • Single entry with posting in all registers and automatic, monthly data compilation
  • Error free calculation, auto totaling and posting
  • Validations available at all the checkpoints; no scope for errors
  • Fast data entry and reporting. Save 50% of your time
  • MIS reporting possible for Excise Audit
  • Efficient manpower utilization, thereby reducing administration costs
  • Control on inventory using aging analysis, ABC Classification, shortage stock information, expiry tracking, batch/lot tracking etc
  • Track creditor and debtor outstanding
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Tankhwa handles specifically payroll needs of your business. It covers day to day employee pay management, assistance in making MIS reports, auto-disbursement of pay slips, and much more. It provides the structure for a complete employee lifecycle management system, from recruitment through retirement.

Tankhwa has an add-on module called Tankhwa+ which is a collaborative, Web-enabled solution that gives your employees immediate online access to their unified payroll information. Positioned as a self-service application, Tankhwa+ allows the employees to log into the system and view his Pay slips, balance leaves; projected Tax Deductions at source and update his profile. Also the Employee can apply for leaves, reimbursements and track the status/approval from anywhere, thereby streamlining your payroll system.

usquare product

Tankhwa's features:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Handling Salary Components
  • Compliance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Multi-level Strategic Reporting
  • HR Assistance
  • Administrative Services

Tankhwa's Benefits:

  • Easy-to-Use; accurate and timely
  • Save time, storage space and money
  • Paperless Payroll, with direct bank deposits
  • Improves responsiveness
  • Flexible data entry options
  • Easy data import and export facilities
  • Streamlined work environment
  • Synchronized data from branches to head offices
  • Robust functionality
  • Regular upgrades
  • Complete and easy access to information
  • Enhances employee communications
  • Working under single source
  • Automatic corrections
  • Safe and secure
  • Training and support provided; with quick answers
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guilt free

Indian Taxation is nearly 5 time complicated than the same in Western Countries. Also, though major ERPs have localized modules for the Taxation, they are very expensive to configure and doesn't avail all Statutory Reports. In addition to that, if there are updates in the Taxation Rules and norms from Government, it is highly challenging to incorporate those changes in the base ERP regularly and immediately. For addressing these pain points and providing a complete solution to these problems, Udyog developed a Standard Product iTAX for all ERP vendors.

iTAX is an Indian Taxation Product covering all Taxation Modules- Excise Documentation for Manufacturers and Traders, Service Tax, Documents for EOUs & SEZs, TDS & e-TDS, State wise VAT & CST; which works in line with your ERP System.

iTAX has been successfully integrated with ERP's such as SAP R/3, JD Edwards, Ramco Systems, FourthShift & BPCS, QAD-Mfg/Pro, Epicor, Adage, Infor, Sage AccPac, Evolutions, SUN, etc. and is recommended by renowned ERP implementers like TCS, ITTI, Softbrands, Ventura Soft, NRI and Axcend Automation.

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