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We build enduring relationships with our clients, founded on mutual respect and solidified through the transfer of knowledge and skills. This is proven from our track record of the implementation done, the annual maintenance support we've been rendering and the additional requirements that our customers ask for, to meet up with the new business requirements.

We have developed a high-level work plan and rollout strategy that will enable the delivery of the SAP solution within 16 weeks of project inception. The high-level project work plan contains the implementation / rollout strategy, key activities and major deliverables. Our experience with various implementations makes us propose a phased approach to our clients, to minimize risk and accelerate the delivery of benefits for the organization.

It is during the implementation phase that the business objectives identified during the Evaluation phase are transitioned from paper to system. This is done using the ASAP methodology. If the project is an international or multi-site implementation, then Global ASAP is used to develop an enterprise solution and specific rollout strategy, which contains a framework of tools, methodology and approach in implementing SAP, thus bringing in standardization of processes, documents and selective data across the world.

The effective use of Solution Maps, coupled with OBT Global's industry experience, ensures that the results are achieved in the timeframe, set as part of the project goals.

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guilt free

Today one of the most important concerns in business, customers use multiple applications Software and meet there needs, but face lot of problems to get accurate and timely reports.

Sage solutions ensures the existing Software of Customer where it remain intact by seamless integration information with new systems, technologies and custom applications with the enterprise, as well as with companies. To meet the challenges of the new business environment, information system need to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible, provide real-time visibility of transaction across the entire enterprise and be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business. We have done may integration with many multiple applications, both internal and with trading partners, efficiently and cost-effectively. Customers benefit from connectivity to a wide range of data sources and B2B standards, a servie-oriented integratino approach and reusable components for increased Return of Investment on our products.

Benefit of T- Integration

  • Reducing Data Input Duplication
  • Save costs
  • Accurate Data Output
  • Eliminate the possibility of human errors
  • Automation of business process on manual data transfer between multi system
  • Real-time consolidation of data from various systems for centralized reporting
  • Implemented to suit your business practices in a timely manner
  • Reduces staff cost & time drastically
  • Consolidates data from various systems for centralized reporting
  • Eliminates data input duplication
  • Provides up to date critical business information any time for swift decision making.
  • Automates and integrates your entire business process
  • Implemented to suit your business practices in a timely manner
  • Interfaces with other business applications
  • Reduces staff cost drastically
  • Eliminates possibility of human errors, business information is extremely reliable
  • Real-time consolidation of data from various systems for centralized reporting
  • Consolidates data from various systems for centralized reporting

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guilt free

We are constantly engaged in meeting customers needs and requests. Development includes feature extensions, new features, integration with third-party products, user interface design, database integration, hardware interfacing, windows applications.

We are interested in designing software that is usable by any member of a user community. Each user in the community may have different preferences and skills. Hence the software must be generic, and it must be customizable.

Sage Solutions can help you and provide a high quality product.

Customizations can involve the following:

  • Defining the required configuration of our products.
  • Changing the functionality, workflow, and processes of the product to fit specific business needs.
  • Developing additional product functionality or capabilities.
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (colors, logos, images, layouts, screen behavior.
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